Study New Jersey


Think about bringing comfortable shoes because New Jersey is the place to get up and go! When you aren't studying, a world sightseeing opportunities is at the end of your nose.

Of course it's important to focus on your studies while going to school in New Jersey, but we'll be honest. Escaping from your daily routine and discovering the sites and sounds of your new surroundings is an important part of your NJ experience!

Choosing NJ as a place to live gives you a huge advantage when it comes to sightseeing and fun day trips. From the shores of the Atlantic Ocean to the slopes of the Appalachian Mountains…from the lights of NYC to quaint, historic towns...NJ is an expression of the U.S. landscape. Our state is rich in history with destinations that will undoubtedly enhance your overall learning experience. Best of all, New Jersey is small enough to enjoy many of its various sights in a daytrip!